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Undergraduate dissertations are usually 6000-10000 words and post-graduate dissertations are usually 15000-20000 words long project. So naturally, it is one of the longest and difficult piece of work that student would attempt. There are some very important points that student should always keep in mind while writing their dissertation.

For dissertation writing help introduction of your dissertation, first of all an important tip is that word count of this chapter should be around 10% of the total word count. Introduction chapter includes an introduction about the research topic, aims and objectives, hypothesis, steps to solve research, short intro to dissertation research methodology. It is very important that your research aims and objectives are not too broad and should be achievable. 

Literature review is the next chapter and basically this is a review of what is already known or have been researched upon in your chosen subject areas. You should thoroughly review academic journals and databases like Emerald, Business Source Complete, ProQuest, Lexis Nexis, and standard books on the subjects and make notes for the same. It is very important that you correctly refer to all the sources you collect information from. Since you could be referring to probably more than 100 sources, it is important that you properly refer and compile your notes. Literature review is about 25% of the word count.

In your literature review, you should try to find out what are the main subject themes in literature for your chosen subject areas, you should do an analysis how these themes relate to your chosen subject area of research, who are the main authors and research scholars in your field and what are their main arguments, what are the gaps in the arguments, what are the relevant conceptual frameworks that can be used in your research, what research methodology have been primarily used in this subject areas and what are the key lessons for you from the literature review.

Third chapter of dissertation is research methodology that is basically about what research methods you are going to follow. For this it is important, first of all that you have good understanding of general research methods and research approaches. It is imperative that you understand about basic terminologies like positivism and Interpretivism, qualitative and quantitative research, primary and secondary research, exploratory, causal and descriptive methods of research etc. 

Your research methodology should be suitable and appropriate according your research objectives and research question. One of the most important aspects is that how you would get data to come to conclusions about your research objectives and research question.

Chapter four is about findings and analysis. You may require to present your data in the first part of this chapter. You should present data in this chapter or in an appendix as suitable based on your research topic in consultation with your supervisor. After this, you should do a through analysis of your finding and make sure these findings are linked with your research objectives. If you have framed a hypothesis of your research, you would have to test your hypothesis in this section of your dissertation and have to accept or reject it.

Final chapter is usually conclusion and recommendations. This should include a summary of the main findings in a systemic pointed way and conclusions and limitations and scope of further research.

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