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This blog by would help students in learning all aspects of working on a Dissertation.  Dissertation is a long research project that requires a combination of various knowledge and skills. Most important is to understand having a sound knowledge of research methods. Once you have good understanding of the subject of research methodology, you can complete your dissertation in an effective manner.

Once a general understanding of research and research methodology is developed, next important task is to decide on dissertation topic. There are several aspects that you need to consider while selecting a dissertation topic. Most important task is that you should select an area that is relevant to your studies, your research interest and your future profession. An area could be human resource management, corporate finance, marketing or arts. Similarly, if you are aiming to get a job in IT Consultancy than probably you can think of ICT as an area to do your research in.
After a broad area is selected, you should select a specific area in that subject. For example, you can select performance management in human resource management or marketing positioning in marketing management.  Once you have selected a specific area of research, you should try to understand what the current research areas are in your chosen subject. Based on the scope of your research, you should select a research question and decide your research objectives. 

Your research objectives and questions shall be neither too broad nor too specific. Your objectives shall be just right depending on the level of research and time and resources you have for your research. Following this approach, you should zero down on your research objectives and research question.
 Your next step should be writing a research proposal. In this proposal, you should include your research topic, research questions, research objectives, brief literature review and key terminologies, initial assessment of research methodology, project plan and Gantt chart, research limitations. Once you make your research proposal, you should get it approved from your supervisor or any other necessary person.

Once your research proposal is approved, you should start working on your dissertation. Two important aspects of managing your dissertation project is that thoroughly reviewing literature and deciding upon right research methodology. Once these two aspects of your dissertation have been covered, you should start with collecting data. Data collected should be relevant and valid. After data has been collected, data has to be analysed and interpreted as required. Finally, you need to write a detailed report based on your university or employer’s requirements. Your findings and conclusion is also one of the most important segments. You should be very careful in making conclusions that are supported by your findings.

The above write up gives you a basic idea about how to go about writing a dissertation and managing your research project. We would write further posts to help you. If you have any specific queries, please visit our website or write to us on for dissertation help service.


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