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Literature review helps the researcher to understand the concept of the research topic. It also helps in evaluating the research problem in the most critical way to find the effective and efficient solution for the proposed problem (Dawidowicz 2010). This post helps readers to understand the important aspects that have to keep in mind while conducting the literature review for the research project.

Important Consideration

Literature review is an important topic to formulate and understand the problem of the research work. Literature is also helpful in determining the research topic. Also, it helps in determining the feasibility of the research study (Matheson and Lacey 2011). There are several points to be considered while conducting literature review for any research problem, such as:

Firstly, the researcher has to understand the research problem effectively before searching for the literature of the given topic so that proper key words can be used to find the data and information regarding the research problem (Reed 2005). This would help the researcher to put effective input in the literature review, i.e. the researcher has to understand and find out the actual problem of the research. After understand the research problem, the next step will be of processing the problem in order to find the best solution for it (Levy and Ellis 2006).

In the second step, the researcher has to know the literature of the proposed problem and comprehend it by critically evaluate the problem from the view point of different authors. After comprehending the data, researcher has to apply the data and analyze it to evaluate the result for the proposed research problem (Levy and Ellis 2006).

For making the research work effective, researcher has to understand the sources from where quality information can be available for the research work. It helps the researcher to understand the problem from the authentic information rather than fake information. The authentic information makes the research work more effective and helps in finding the solution efficiently. There are various sources of data viz. primary sources, secondary sources and tertiary sources that helps the researcher to find the authentic data and information for the dissertation (Rubin and Babbie 2010).

Primary data source includes survey through structured and semi structured interviews, observation, autobiographies, statistics, surveys, opinion polls, scientific data, etc. While, the authentic secondary data sources include biographies, textbooks, articles, etc. on the other hand, tertiary data sources include encyclopedias, dictionaries, etc. (Reed 2005).

The next important step while conducting the literature review in the research topic is to check the applicability of the literature. Some time researcher has to include theories and models in the research work, thus researcher has to check the relevancy of these models and theories before using them in the research work (Levy and Ellis 2006).


From the above discussion, it can be concluded that literature review helps the researcher to make his/her research work more effective and results into finding the solution of the research problem in an efficient way. This report helps the reader to consider several points at the time of conducting literature review to make it more favorable in determining the relevant solutions.

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