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Before working on a dissertation, it is important to prepare a research proposal. This post is an example of a short research proposal on a marketing topic for your dissertation help.

Research Title

Title for this research is "Impact of Marketing Strategies on Customer Buying Behavior: A case of ASDA".


Consumer buying behavior is related to the behavior of an individual, which is related to the purchasing of any product of services. It refers to those actions, which are linked with the purchase of products for personal or household use. The customer buying behavior majorly depends on five steps, i.e. identification of the problem, discover the information, finding the alternatives, buying the product and evaluating the usages after purchase or utilization (Pride, Hughes and Kapoor 2011). Different marketing strategies are followed by different retail stores in UK that effectively helps the companies to retain the old customer and attract the potential customers in order to prepare a strong customer base for the organization.

With the help of different marketing strategies organization tries to influence the buying behavior of the customers to increase the sales revenue and to generate profits. Analysis for the buying behavior of the consumer helps the organization to understand the various aspects of the customers such as reason of buying a particular product. Additionally, it also helps in understanding the source from which the customer gets information to buy the products (Lancaster and Massingham 2010).

Research Questions

Research question for the research is as below:

"What are the marketing strategies of the retail company that impact on the buying behavior of the customers?"

Research Objectives

To obtain the answer of the research question, following research objectives have to be achieved by the researcher throughout the research study:

  • To explore the need and impact of marketing strategies in organization.
  • To analyze relationship of marketing strategy with the buying behaviour of consumers.
  • To understand that roles of marketing strategies to influence buying behaviour and improve organization’s financial performance.
  • To recommend some alternative solutions to ASDA to maximize the impact of current marketing strategies and implement some innovative marketing strategies.

Under this section literature review on impact of marketing strategies on consumer buying behavior in context of UK multinational company ASDA will be analyzed.

To obtain the research objectives, researcher will have to conduct the research based on the qualitative research methodology (Zikmund 2003). Data collection is based on both the primary and the secondary data collection technique. Primary data collection method includes semi structured interview and survey through questionnaire method that helps the researcher to understand the viewpoint of the target audience about the research objective. Whereas, secondary data collection method includes different sources such as scholars, journal articles, books, authentic websites including company websites, annual report, etc. that helps the researcher to critically evaluate the objective of the research problem (Crowther and Lancaster 2008).

Potential Difficulties

In order to attain the objectives of the research problem and to complete this research in an effective manner the researcher can face some problems regarding the cost, time and research methodology.


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