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This blog post by the team of is to help students in selecting a dissertation topic and research objectives. Below are some of the dissertation topics that could give you an idea how to select your dissertation topic, research objectives and research question.

» Topic 1
» Dissertation Title
"The role of relationship marketing in increasing customer loyalty; in context of Tesco"

Research Objectives

Following research objectives will be achieved through the dissertation –
  • To explore the relationship between relationship marketing and customer loyalty
  • To explore the effectiveness of Tesco’s loyalty programs to increase the customers’ loyalty
  • To explore the motives and expectation behind loyalty programs of Tesco
Research Question

 How the relationship marketing increases customers’ loyalty for Tesco?

» Topic 2
» Dissertation Title

"The study of the impact of ethical behavior over the brand image of an organization: Case of Starbucks"

Research Objectives
  • To explore the relationship between ethical behavior and company growth: In context of Starbucks
  • To explore the impact of unethical behavior on brand image of Starbucks
  • To provide recommendation for the ethical framework of the business
Research Question

How the unethical behavior impact brand image of a firm in the industry: A case of Starbucks?

» Topic 3

» Dissertation Title
"The study of differences in the marketing strategies of PepsiCo according to the national culture"

Research Objectives

  • To determine the factors of national culture that affects the marketing strategies of PepsiCo
  • To explore the strategies that should be taken to eliminate cross cultural issues: in context of PepsiCo
  • To explore the factors that determines the success of a business in international boundaries
Research Question

How the national culture affected the marketing strategies of PepsiCo?

» Topic 4

» Dissertation Title

"Title of the dissertation is the study of advertising as marketing communication and determinant of the success of Vodafone in India."

Research Objectives
  • To explore that advertising is the secret of the organizational process; a case of Vodafone in India
  • To access the impact of Vodafone’s advertising strategy in India

Research Question

How Vodafone used its advertising strategy for better market communication in India?

» Topic 5

» Dissertation Title

"The role of marketing channels to increase customer base of an organization: The study of Nokia"

Research Objectives
  • To explore the impact of marketing channels on consumer awareness of the products of Nokia
  • Access the relationship between marketing channels and growth of Nokia
  • To explore how Nokia set the marketing channels as per their customer requirements
Research Question

What role the marketing channels of Nokia helped in its growth worldwide?

We hope the above topics are useful for our readers. If you have any query or need dissertation writing help or research project, please email us to


  1. Some nice ideas here. Students should go off and find some case studies from their libraries and try and apply these questions. There are tons of sources on ethical behaviours of corporations.

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