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This blogpost by the experts of would help in selecting right dissertation topic for you. Selection of right dissertation topic is very important for successful completion of the dissertation. It includes various steps that help to enhance creditability of the research paper. Following are some of the steps that need to be considered, while selecting a dissertation topic:

Specialization and interest area identification: In order to select a dissertation topic, the researcher’s area of interest should be considered. The topic should be linked with the area of specialization and interest of the researcher otherwise it may affect the effectiveness of obtaining data and information in research (Single & Reis 2009). This would help in the successful completion of research because of the researcher theoretical knowledge and background of the topic.

Specific with the current scenario: The dissertation topic should be relevant with the current market conditions or related with the organizational problems to enhance validity and creditability of the dissertation (Glatthorn & Joyner 2005). In addition to this, the relevance with current scenario will help to sort-out the problems effectively.

Unique: The dissertation topic should be original and unique in order to avoid duplicity and continuation of other research paper. This will keep the interest of perspective reader of the dissertation and will also avoid wastage of money (Roberts 2010). In addition to this, the freshness of the dissertation will help researcher to come up with the interesting and innovative ideas to enhance research creditability.

 Research-able and exploring: The dissertation topic should be research-able and exploring to provide researcher the maximum scope to bringing something new into the area of research. This will help researcher to conduct an effective research on the relevant topic. At the same time, it will also help to find relevant data and information regarding the research.

Availability of resources: It should also be considered, while selecting a dissertation topic that the research can be conducted in the stipulated time period as well as the available finance. Maximum research papers lack their creditability due to lack of money and time (Ogden 2007). Availability of finance and time helps researcher in the effective investigation of the research problem. In addition to this, it also helps the researcher in in-depth analysis of the data and information regarding the research paper.

Manageable topic: The research topic should be manageable in nature so that it can be effectively handled by the researcher. The vast area of the research makes it difficult for the researcher to manage it (Glatthorn & Joyner 2005). This also leads many areas to be untouched by the researcher that also affects validity of the research paper. In regard to this, manageable topic will help to explore all the relevant areas of the research to accomplish research successfully.

Try to avoid controversial topics: The researcher should try to avoid selecting controversial topic that will be effective in the further publication of research. Many times, it has been seen that many researches lack their publication due to controversy of the topics (Bryant 2004). There also be the chances of restricting researcher employment, tenure etc. because of this controversial topic. So, it would better for the research as well researcher to avoid controversial topics to select. This may also restrict to get relevant information regarding the research.

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