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This blogpost by the team of is to help our students to give an idea how they should go about writing literature review. A literature review is an important part of research that analyzes different literatures in critical manner to answer the research question effectively. It is a secondary source as different literatures such as journals, articles, books, authentic web-sources; case studies are used in literature review for answering research question. In this, different concepts and theories related to research topic are explored in critical manner to gain relevant information for attaining research objectives (Jill & Lydia 2011).

It assists to enhance understanding about theories, concepts and models etc. related to research title that helps to reach on effective outcomes. The format of literature review may vary from discipline to discipline and from research to research due to changes in research topic. The main purpose of literature review is to provide clear understanding about research topic (Robert 2008). The literature review should be written in following format -

Introduction: In introduction, a brief introduction about literature review is represented in which researcher clarifies about literatures, theories, concepts, models those will be discussed in literature review for answering research question effectively. In this section, main elements of literature review are represented those are needed to explore to attain research objectives. This section provides strong base for the further investigation of research problem as in literature review, different literatures are reviewed critically (Chris 2006). The necessary and vital part of literature review is to use different literatures those are appropriate and relevant to answer research question.

Main body: in the section of main body of literature review, different definitions, theories, models and concepts etc. are reviewed those are represented by different authors, journals, articles, books, web-sources etc. for the purpose of critical analysis of different literatures (Dawidowicz 2010). On the other hand, the reviewed literatures should be authentic and relevant for answering research question adequately as it leads to enhance the credibility of the research paper. In this section, positive views related to research topic are provided by the researcher (Jerry, Jack & Stephen 2010). At the same time, different views represented by other literatures are also needed to provide by the researcher those may be against from views of above discussed literatures.

In this section, a systematic and mental process can be used by the researcher to attain research objectives. It is because, the systematic process leads to enhance individual knowledge and skills as it clarifies different doubts related to definition, concepts, theories, models those are related to research topic (Chris 2006). The clear understanding, knowledge and skills etc. of the researcher lead to enhance the efficacy of research paper.

For accomplish successful literature review, different literatures are searched, relevance of data and information are checked with research question, their authenticity are also considered while writing a literature review (Robert 2008). At the same time, different information and data are analyzed and interpreted to attain research objectives.

Conclusion: In conclusion, the researcher summarizes entire section of literature review in brief manner. The researcher represents short summary of different arguments including counter arguments related to researcher topic as clarity about research topic leads to enhance research credibility (Jerry, Jack & Stephen 2010).

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