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Different research objectives, different types of research types.In order to perform the right research work the researcher should choose from the different types of analysis available and its helps him to pick the appropriate methodology to carry on its work in the right direction. There are different types of research methods to analyze and gather data for the final outcome result.

 “Predetermined   Emerging methods  Both predetermine
 Instrument based questions   Open ended questions  and emerging
 Performance data  Interview data  methods, Both
 Attitude data  Observation data  open and closed
 Observational data  document data  ended questions
 Statistical analysis and  audiovisual data  Multiple forms of
 Census data   Text and image analysis  data drawing or
 All possibilities
Statistical and
 Text analysis”

[Creswell (2003)]

According to Creswell (2003) there are basically three approaches to research methods they are qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods approach. These are the specific methods to collect data or to do the analysis.

Creswell, J.W. (2003), ‘Research design: qualitative, quantitative, and mixed method approaches’ 2nd Edition, Published by SAGE, pgs-246, pg-17

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